"A Day without laughter                                  is a day wasted"

Charlie Chaplin


As a registered, charitable organization we want to do something to help those in need. And ourselves, as well. After all, good fortune is like a boomerang: if you actively support it, you get something in return. Like a smile, for instance.

Accordingly, we make direct and personal contact with aid projects a prerequisite for our support. Only in this way can we see immediately where there is an urgent need for action and receive direct feedback.


creating smileswas founded in 2007 and welcomes a helping hand or support any time in any shape or form - whether theoretical or practical. Here you can find out more about us, our projects and how to contact us.


We support the Mother & Child Rehabilitation Centre (MCRC) in Ethiopia since many years with general financial aid for food, clothing, schooling etc. Since 2020 you can now also support a child directly with a sponsorship. Please let us know if you are interested in a direct sponsorship.


In 2015 we got a new project under the umbrella of creating smiles: the "Village of Joy" in South Africa. More details  can be found under "Projects".